Friday, June 20, 2008

To all glorified data entry operators...

Try placing an advertisement in a leading newspaper in want of IDs..the so called generation of instructional designers!!No surprise if you get hundreds of emails and phone may get it not only from cosmosexual cities like bangalore or mumbai..but even from the 'chotoos' like trivandrum and bhuvaneswar!!The callers will be mostly girls and don't get surprised if they ask you what an ID is!!But many of them pretend to be at the zenith of their instructional design knowledge..(I personally sympathise with them).They may ask you doubts about ADDIE and Dick-Carey model even though they don't know the full forms.They will stand with their nose in the air and, utilizing the helplessness of the HR manager of the company,penetrate into the large IT pool...After becoming an IT coolie,they grow bigger on their heels and and start throwing theories all around which is no way in relation with the practical learning.Most of the bigger IT companies employ these people as data entry operators and train them in checking spelling and grammar..Thanks to Bill Gates!!Thanks to Microsoft!!Thanks to Word!!
Alas!!These people cannot survive in a world with out 'word'..
When they come out and join practical companies where their stuff wis revealed,they start palpitating.During that process they try to throw whatever inside them all around ruining the whole system of the company.But as long as they remain as a glorified data entry operator, there is no ruin for the company...
So..."my dear Elearning companies...Plz beware of these hay-stuffed,glorified data entry operators who call themselves as instructional designers..."

Note: Please don't crucify me if the punctuations i used in this articles are incorrect(I put this because, for our glorified class punctuations are their bread and butter! hehe..)

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